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Here are just a few of the things we do!


Determining your MVP is an important decision. Balancing technical and business concerns is our specialty and we can provide advice based on the situation.


We're experts in building web applications and apis for large and small projects. Whether you are integrating with a third party or deploying on your own cloud platform, we've got you covered.


Mobile first or complimenting another product; we've built it. In the ever-changing world of apps we will help guide you to the best solution.


A little about our history.

  • 2007

    Rob and Nic Meet

    2007 was a great time to be a Ruby developer. Rob and Nic were both active member at the Northern Virginia Ruby Group in Reston, VA.

  • October 2008

    Second place at Rails Rumble

    Hackathons are a great way to collaborate with new people. Nic and Rob were on a team with two other people. In 48 hours, they managed to cobble together a working app and come in second in a world wide competition.

  • 2008-2016

    Sharpening the startup skillset

    Rob and Nic collaborated on multiple startups together as independent contractors. Between the two of them they helped launch 20+ projects.

  • 2017

    Launching Red Rectangle

    After working independently on multiple projects Nic and Rob realized they could bring more value to their clients as a team than as individuals.

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We also work with a diverse set of talented individuals ensuring that all your needs are served.

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